Uploading files to Google Drive

To store files online, some users choose One Drive or Dropbox. However, in the field of online file storage today, both Dropbox and Drive One or more other tools still cannot compare with the giant Google Drive. Despite offering many different tools, but in each market share, Google showed its remarkable strength. Microsoft’s One Drive is also a storage service that is highly appreciated, but users still primarily use Google Drive.


We used to share files with each other via Google Drive. Some people often download files from Google Drive on Firefox or Google Chrome web browser, but they do not know how to upload files to this tool. To download files on Google Drive, users simply select the file and click on the download button. But uploading files to Google Drive is totally different. Refer to some basic steps below:

Step 1: From the web browser, access to Google.com then log in to your Gmail account. Next, click on the Google Apps button at the top right corner and select Drive.


Step 2: In the storage interface, click My Drive -> Upload files.


Step 3: Navigate to the folder containing the files you want to upload, select file and click Open.


Step 4: Depending on the file size and speed of network, the process of uploading will be fast or slow.


Step 5: Check your files in Google Drive.


Uploading files on Google Drive App

With Google Drive App on your computer:

Step 1: You first need to log in to your Gmail account. Enter your username and click Next.


Step 2: Enter your password then click Sign in.


Google Drive files will immediately be synchronized to your computer for storage.


From now, in order to upload data to Google Drive, you just need to copy the file and paste to the Google Drive folder on your computer.

In case you want to handle better text and data on Google Drive, you can read our tutorial on how to search file on Google Drive. How quick search on Google Drive will be very useful if the user has too many text files and documents to be processed. Quickly search tool on Google Drive is very useful for users who have too many files and document should be handled.