Instruction for installing the Google Drive

Google Drive is a free cloud storage service provided by the giant Google that allows users to store and organize all their files online.

Each basic account gives you access to 15GB of free storage across Google’s most popular products and services such as Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos, and you can use it to create, add, and upload files, find and add files that people share with in an easier and also faster way, drag and drop files and folders, improved accessibility with a screen reader, and more.


For those who use other Google service like Google Docs, we can easily switch to Google Drive. Refer to our article How to transfer data from Google Docs to Google Drive to store data quickly and safely.


First you need to download Google Drive on your device.

Step 1: Run the installer program which you just downloaded.


Step 2: The startup program will require a network connection to download data and carry out the installation.


This will happen fast or slow depending on your network.

Step 3: When the installation is complete, screen will display a notification. Click Close.


Step 4: Google Drive will appear on the screen. Click Get Started to begin.


Step 5: Log in to your Gmail account.


Step 6: When you log in Gmail successfully, click the Next button


You can click Next constantly because they are ads for Google Drive services as well as their usage.

Step 7: Once finished, the computer will connect directly with Google Drive, if you use the Chrome browser program will asked if you want to install Drive on your browser?

You can agree or not.

Thus, you’ve installed successfully Google Drive on computer. From now you can easily upload your data to Google Drive without using a browser.