How To Remove Google Drive From Startup Programs

Google Drive is one of the online storage softwares that starts at the same time as your computer and automatically sync your folders. If you own a powerful computer, removing Google Drive from startup programs is not so important unless you already own many softwares like that. And if your computer is weak, removing Google Drive from startup programs is very necessary.

Google Drive is now a popular storage service that allows users to store and share files online along with many useful utilities. Using Google Drive is quite simple. Let’s join us to register a Google Drive account to experience the great features from this smart product.

Here’s how to turn off this feature:

Step 1: Right-click on the Google Drive icon and click on the 3 dots icon as shown below:


Step 2: Click Preferences to go to settings.


Step 3: Go to Advanced tab and uncheck Start Google Driveon on system startup.

Click on Apply.


Step 4: Restart your computer and Google Drive will not launch with Windows.

Thus you have successfully removed Google Drive from startup programs.

Good luck!