Creating A Playlist In Google Drive With The New Music Player App

Google Drive is a synthetic online data store that allows you store, access and share your files easily. You can also create and update music playlist with Google’s Play Music App in your Drive.


Here are simple steps to create a playlist in Google Drive:

Step 1: Click here ( to download the Music Player App for Google Drive.

Step 2: Click Add to Chrome > Add Application.


Step 3: Click on the Music Player for Google Drive icon.


Step 4: In the Music Player interface, click on Add audio files from Google Drive.


Step 5: Select the songs you want to add to Google Drive. Then click Select to confirm adding these to the extension’s access.


Step 6: The first song on the list will being playing as soon as the above files are selected. Click another file to immediately being playback or choose pause and stop, similar to any other playback application. You can also customize your playlist name.


With the simple steps above, you have already created playlist right on Google Drive.

In addition, you can download music playlist on Google Drive to your computer to listen offline.

Wish you successful!