4 Useful Feartures for Google Drive Users

Google Drive is a popular online storage service provided by Google, but not everyone is aware of the following useful features.

  1. Show all keyboard shortcuts


Most users are now familiar with the keyboard shortcuts, because it will save more time than using your mouse.

===>>> install google drive

To display the shortcut sheet, press Ctrl + “/”

  1. Start with templates


This feature allows users to open one document template in any application.

From Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, or Drawings select File > New > From template.

You can preview Template in the Preview and choose Use this template to use preferred Template

  1. Create a table of contents

If you’ve created a lengthy document, chances are you’ve probably used various headers to break the text into more manageable sections for the reader. You can make it even easier to navigate by adding a table of contents.

Creating a table is very simple. Just move your cursor to the top of the document, and select Insert > Table of Contents.

Docs generates a TOC from the document’s headers, transforming each one into a clickable link so readers can easily jump to any section.

  1. Make Google Drive your default documents folder

If you’re already saving most of your files to Google Drive, you can make the process more seamless by setting it as your default Documents folder.

In Windows, right-click on My Documents and select Properties.

Click Include a folderthen select your Google Drive from the list. Click Set Save Locationapply the changes.

From now, any new documents you create will be automatically saved to Drive.